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What you need to know about...

1. The Driving Lessons

All driving lessons are on a one-to-one basis and can be arranged to begin and end at your chosen location in or around Kendal. If you're nervous or worried about learning to drive, why not give me a call and talk through any doubts you may have?

Prices are very competitive, and a block booking discount is available for 10 hours paid in advance. Value for money is essential, and with Kendal Driving School you will not be disappointed. Lessons, based on the DSA’s recommended syllabus for learning to drive, are planned to maximise driving time and to work on specific areas of development, so you will always feel that your skills are progressing.

Standard lessons, usually on a weekly basis, are the most popular way to learn to drive. The number of lessons needed differs for each individual, as you will learn at your own pace. Lessons are available in 1 to 1½ hour slots.

Pass Plus, including driving on the motorway and during hours of darkness, provides valuable experience for those who have passed their driving test. I provide the full Pass Plus course in line with the DSA syllabus.

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2. How to prepare for your Driving Test

Before you book your first driving lesson, you must have a provisional photocard licence. You need to bring this with you to each lesson. You can begin driving lessons as soon as you are 17.

To drive legally on the roads you need to be able to read a vehicle registration plate from a distance of around 20 metres, with or without glasses or lenses.

If you are on any type of medication, please check with your doctor that you are allowed to drive.

Wear comfortable clothing, including flat shoes for easier driving and pedal use.

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3. The Theory Test

You must pass your theory test before you can apply for your practical test.

The theory test consists of two parts – a multiple choice test and a hazard perception test. You must pass both parts to pass overall. The multiple choice part consists of 50 multiple choice questions based on your knowledge of the Highway Code. A score of 43 or more will result in a pass.

The hazard perception part of the theory test consists of 14 video clips of everyday road situations. The challenge is to spot the hazards in each clip as early as possible to score maximum points – 5 points for seeing the hazards as early as possible, down to 0 for not seeing the hazards in good time. A score of 44 or more out of 75 will see you pass.

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4. The Practical Driving Test

Your practical driving test will normally be taken in the same car that you have been having driving lessons in. The first thing your examiner will do is check you have the correct documentation. You will then complete an eyesight test, reading a number plate from a distance of approximately 20 metres. Next will follow a ‘tell me’ vehicle safety question (see examples opposite).

You will be expected to show that you can drive safely in different road and traffic conditions. You will be asked to carry out a reversing manoeuvre, demonstrate the answer to a 'show me' question, and you may also be asked to demonstrate an emergency stop. You will be given the opportunity to demonstrate independence, either by following sat nav or traffic signs, or a combination of both.

At the end of the test you will be given a performance report to help you to see how you performed with the various aspects of the test. If you pass you will be given a certificate and will have earned your licence.

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Pass Your Test, start on the road to a Lifetime of Safe and Confident Driving!